Behaviors and The Say/Do Framework

At CULTURE LABx we believe that Culture Builders can live anywhere in the organization. This is because anyone can shape company culture by exploring and influencing the behaviors, rewards, rituals and cues that make up their day-to-day work.

Even without a formal culture title, employees can (and should) play an active role in defining company culture. Our diverse community at CULTURE LABx is testament to the fact that Culture Builders exist across rank, function, job title, and even type of organization.

This Fall we’re exploring Behaviors, the third element of our Culture Code and one learning that’s surfaced loud and clear is that behaviors are the keystone of culture. The first two elements Purpose and Values, drive people’s behavior, while the other three elements, Rituals, Rewards and Cues, support behaviors.

To that end, we’ve found the Say / Do Framework to be a useful tool for Culture Builders to evaluate and align behaviors within an organization.

Say / Do – Fall Quarterly Behaviors Post with CULTURE LABxSay, but don’t do = False promises that lead to failing trust in leadership and disregard for initiatives.

Don’t say, but do = Implicit behaviors observed typically in startups. Not necessarily bad, but can be problematic when an organization grows because behaviors need to be shared and codified to scale.

Don’t say, don’t do = not part of our culture.

Say and do = culture gold!