CLxNYC Update (October 2017)

At CLxNYC, we have honest conversations about important subjects. We are inspired by the idea that everyone is an expert on their own experiences, and invite thought leaders to facilitate conversations with operators from companies across industries. These rich discussions lead to learnings all around.

Our last event explored the idea of meaningful wellness in the workplace — what does it mean to care for employees as people?

Our facilitators brought unique perspectives: Ruslan Tovbulatov, Director of Corporate Product at Thrive Global, Heather Waibel, Founder of Welnys, and Karl Pawlewicz, Head of Communications at Olark.

At the end of every event, we share our key takeaways from each small group discussion. We’re excited to share some of takeaways from this last event with you, so that you can make your workplace healthier for everyone:

  • Start meetings with something as like “what are you bringing with you today?” It invites a discussion about our states of mind as we work together. Being open leads to empathy is you create the mental space for it.

  • Learn how to safeguard your mental wellness while you’re at work. A lot of us have things we do at home, but it’s important to have small things you can do at work (e.g. coffee breaks, walks)

  • Leaders can reduce stress and improve employee wellness by role modeling good behavior
    • Balance the short-term with the longer-term (sprint v. marathon)
    • State ground rules & clear expectations (e.g. it’s ok to take a wellness day; clearly state e-mail etiquette)
  • When there is a national tragedy, leadership can take the opportunity to create a space for people who want to share, grieve, or discuss

  • When designing wellness or engagement programs, it’s important to think about what works well for different age groups (e.g. something that works well for employees in their 30’s may not be right for employees in their 40’s and 50’s)

  • Incentivize participation instead of penalizing for not participating in a wellness program

If you are in NYC, we’d love to hear from you. Please join us for our next event in early 2018—stay tuned for details!