CLxDEN: Individual Influence on Culture (Event Recap)

Discussion on Individual Influence on Culture led by CLxDEN on February 11, 2016 at Code Talent in Denver, CO.

We decided to try something different for our February meeting.

clx-co-event-recap-cultureWe found that after most of our meetings our members would leave SUPER pumped, motivated and ready to conquer the world and bad culture!

But would then they would go back to work the next day they became overwhelmed or quickly discouraged… They felt limited in what they could do to enhance their culture.

The ideas that we talk about at our meetings are SO big! (Which is great right!? Reach for the sky! Think big! Change the world!)

Or sometimes the ideas are something that “only the leadership” can change or do… and it feels over their heads or out of their hands.

We definitely took that to heart and said, but you do make a difference. You impact and create culture. Personally.

So we decided to try something new and introduced, Personal Culture Labs.

A time where we can participate in introspective exercises/workshops and evaluate what are we doing personally to enhance healthy cultures.

Take the macro in culture and bringing it down to the micro level, us as individuals.

Our topic: Individual Influence on Culture

We intro’d the discussion with some thought provoking thought nuggets, relevant story examples & an awesome visual teaching element!

Some of our talking points:

  • Are you affecting or infecting your culture?
    • Affecting: creating positive change
    • Infecting: allowing your negative attitude, words & actions negatively impact the culture
  • No matter what level or position you hold in your organization, you make an impact
  • Our thoughts create words and actions that create the culture that we live and that OTHERS live in
  • We create culture one person at a time

We ended discussion with break out groups! We equipped each group with a “discussion dice” that had relevant questions on each side of the dice. They would roll the dice and ask the group the question it landed on. People ended up loving the dice and it helped keep the conversation going if for some reason awkward silence creeped in. 😉

We found that the topic & concept of a Personal Culture Lab resonated well with everyone and they LOVED the discussion groups!

They loved the opportunity to discuss what they are working on at work and connect with the other members. That it wasn’t just lecture based but they were able to actively participate, right away.

From the great feedback we received from our members, we will definitely do Personal Culture Labs & discussion groups again in the future and highly recommend it for other groups!