(Event Recap) CLxNYC: Culture Fit vs. Culture Add

 Discussion on Hiring for Cultural Fit vs. Cultural Add led by Rebekah Rombom, Allison Roarty, Matt LeMay, and Sunil Sadasivan.


Everyone at Build Grand Central in interactive discussion around  the difference between hiring for cultural fit versus hiring for “cultural add” (meaning people who add to the current cultural mix and enhance the organization).



  • Culture is hard to define and sustain.  It can change by leadership and as company grows
  • Leaders have to consistently model and embody a company’s values
  • How NOT to motivate teams to work together


  • Add behaviors to values
  • Ensure your company values directly influence your business goals
  • Align behavioral questions in the interview process that model the company values
  • Leaders should embody the vision they quote
  • Keep a list of behaviors to map to your values
  • Learn from mistakes and teach others not to be afraid of “teachable moments”



  • Culture drives performance, performance doesn’t drive culture
  • Culture starts small and evolves
  • Culture changes and that’s OK
  • Culture != comfort
  • Look at top performers to help define culture
  • It’s not about acknowledging difference, it’s about valuing difference
  • There are no true/ultimate answers around culture


  • Look for people who embody values in how they behave/perform already and go from there
  • Interview with core values as filters/guides