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CLx offers an opportunity to bring together your local creative community, connect what’s going on in your city with the broader creative world, and join a network of talented organizers that spans six continents.

If you’re serious about bringing CLx to your hometown, we’d love to hear from you. Please read through the following information to get a better idea of how CLx operates.


Q: What is CULTURE LABx?
A: CULTURE LABx (CLx) is a global community of founders, designers, and people practitioners experimenting with the future of work. Labs across the country (and the world) host local events connecting culture builders to great ideas, experience, and each other.

Q: What does it take to start a Lab?
A: CLx is built by the community for the community. All of our CLx Labs are run by passionate volunteers who want to advance the strategic value of company culture in their local communities. That means it takes someone who is passionate about adancing company culture and has the wherewithall to create something entirely new. It takes 50% passion, 50% experince organizing, and 50% network of awesome people. (Hey, if it were easy, it’d only take 100%.)

Q: Why go with CLx and not start my own culture meetup?
A: CULTURE LABx is a widely recognized name in the culture space and provides for labs and leaders support in the form of experience and a robust set of tools for building your community.

Q: What’s in it for me?
A: You get to be part of a rapidly growing and passionate global community of thought leaders advocating for company culture.

Q: Why Labs?
A: Labs are places that are conducive to experimentation. Company cultures are living, breathing organisms that are ever evolving. No one has it right.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a CLx Lab lead?

  • Securing a venue
  • Finding a speaker or facilitator for each event
  • Finding sponsors to cover food, drinks and other event costs
  • Leading the Chapter team (including any writing or recording of the event)
  • Marketing for the event
  • Serving as the main point of contact for HQ

Q: Do you have an existing network?
A: Culture is a hot topic, but it’s important that when starting a lab you have a solid network of colleagues you rely on to be co-conspirators, co-participators, and co-facilitators.

Q: Who will you be doing this with?
A: You ain’t thinking of doing this alone are you? You’re gonna need help. We’ve found teams of three have made for the most successful labs. So reach out and find yourself 2 other passionate culture builders and shlep em along for the ride.

Q: How often do CLx events occur?
A: We expect all labs to hold a minimum of one event every three months (so 4 events a year), but ideally one every two months.

Q: What does CLx HQ provide?
A: Lots. While you have the freedom to grow and manage your chapter as you see fit, we can provide a lot of great advice. We also provide infrastructure tools to help you: Mailchimp for tracking and communicating lab members, a central web presence where you can promote your event and publish awesome content. We come with a credible brand and platform for your lab events, and you will also gain access to the wisdom and networks of the broader community of lab leads in the US and beyond!

Q: Do we get any financial support?
A: While we’d love to say we’ve got a huge slush fund from which you can take, we ain’t there yet. All labs are bootstrapped. We do encourage you to solicit sponsors of all stripes to help. We’ve found it fairly easy to snag a food and bev or space sponsor so start there. If you get ambitious, let us know—we have a whole slew of sponsor options for those who are ready to pony up.

Q: What is the role of the labs
A: Your job is to create value for your community by providing awesome content, and connections amongst people who care about company culture. This is primarily done through in-person events like panels, workshops, and meetups, but we’ve had some labs get creative. Culture Podcast anyone?

Q: What kind of events are we talking about.
A: They can be just about anything you think will deliver great culture content. In San Francisco we’ve had great success working with culture experts to create workshops, and in New York they love their fire side chats. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure people can interact with one another—that’s what makes these events so great.

Q: Is there an on-boarding process?
A: Why, yes. We have a 3-month on-boarding process where you learn how to grow a successful lab. You can start hosting events before that time is up, but there’s a lot to learn so listen close.

Q: How will I stay in touch with HQ and other labs?
A: HQ hosts a quarterly e-meetup where labs take turns sharing what they’ve been doing and what they’ve learned. You’ll be required to attend to ensure you are getting everything you need to make your lab grow.

Q: How much time typically goes into being a Lab Lead?
A: On average, a lab team spends about 20 hours a month building their community and preparing for events. This number may fluctuate a bit as the host becomes more seasoned, but 20 hours is a good estimate.

Q: Should I charge for our CLx events?
A: You don’t have to but we’ve found it useful to do so. Even a $5 ticket creates a sense of value for the event, and ensures more people attend who say they will.

Q: Can there be more than one Lab per city?
A: Nope. We stick with one per city.

Q: I live in a small city. Can I still apply to start a chapter?
A: You’re welcome to apply, but in the past, we were typically only accepting chapters in cities with a population of over 500,000. However, we realize that there are large culture communities in smaller cities, so we are open to hearing you out. Just put together a compelling and outstanding application and show us why your city is in need of a CULTURE LABx.

Q: What if the city I want to apply for is very close to another lab?
A: You’re welcome to still apply. Just ask yourself since the labs would be so close, would it make sense objectively to have a CLx in your city as well?

Q: Is there an application?
A: We work closely with every new lab lead, so there is a formal application process to start a lab in your city.

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