CLxLIVE: ep.1 // Social Impact (Event Wrap-up)

Here at Culture LabX we’re in our own process of building culture across time zones with our new offering CLxLIVE. For a while now, we’ve been looking for a way to connect CLx members from our different labs across North America. We knew we wanted to do something virtual – video interviews? an audio podcast? local sessions taped and posted online? Ultimately, what we were after was content that was more interactive, less scripted, and extra, well, LIVE. CLxLIVE is an online conversation between two business leaders about some essential topic and it’s effect on culture. Our inaugural episode took place March 7 when Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation officer Dave Kim and Strategy Consultant Denise Gershbein took on the topic of Social Impact and Culture. We hope you’ll tune into our next installment and contribute your voice toward building our culture of CLx.

Listen in to our first episode of CLxLIVE: an online conversation where culture builders can watch business leaders air their thoughts on the intersection of culture and their expertise. This month we heard about the culture of social impact with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Dave Kim and social impact designer Denise Gershbein.

In this online discussion you’ll learn:

  1. How social impact and company culture relate
  2. How a company can strengthen the link between their social impact programs and company culture
  3. How a company build authenticity into their social impact program so it accurately reflects the causes their employees support
  4. The pitfalls when making social impact a chief part of a company’s identity

About the guests:

Dave Kim, Program Officer, Financial Services for the Poor
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dave Kim works with partners of the Gates Foundation to design and deliver next generation financial products for people who live on less than $2 a day. Dave believes in the joy of innovation and that we, together, can create a better tomorrow.

Denise Gershbein, Consultant and Speaker in Social Impact Design

Denise Gershbeina believes in the power of design to achieve positive social impact. She works with clients who are interested in innovating beyond quarterly profit cycles, towards long-term goals that are sustainable, beneficial and successful. Previously Denise was Executive Director of Social Impact Design at Frog.

*All proceeds for this event were donated to a social impact initiative. Attendees were asked to vote for a charity at the conclusion of this discussion. We were very honored to be able to donate $300 to Tipping Point – a non-profit organization that fights poverty in the Bay Area.