Culture Changemakers: Asana

Culture Changemakers: Asana
Culture Changemakers is a monthly conversation series that features influencers who are reinventing the work experience. From mindful to meaningful, we’ll be exploring what it means to design a culture that allows our whole selves to show up at work.

Jack Heart, ♥ of Culture at

Scaling a More Human Workplace: The Future of Company Culture

An executive-level panel at the Silicon Valley Executive Club featuring culture development experts sharing insights from the field to help leaders build and grow a more human workplace.

Networking breakfast before, Q&A session to follow.


Shawn Murphy
Author at AMACOM
CEO, Founder of Switch & Shift

Josh Levine
Co-Founder of Culture LabX
Sr. Lecturer, MBA

Culture Design: Hiring for Innovation

About the Culture Design Series
The ability to spearhead culture change in today’s rapidly changing startup environment is the difference between thriving or barely surviving. Join CULTURE LABx in a workshop series at General Assembly that showcases a variety of models in culture design: visual thinking, positive psychology, experience